About KEA Design

KEA Founded in 2012, KEA Design is Dubai’s most creative architectural and interior decoration company. We deliver the most efficient and effective services in interior architecture also called by various labels such as interior architecture design, interior design architecture, or interior architecture design – 3D modelling and visualization, 3D rendering, and fit-outs.

Kea Design

There are no limits to the vast projects and designs we take on. KEA Design works across different sectors – from residential to commercial projects – and with a range of styles – from contemporary to traditional.

Though based in Dubai, KEA Design envisions itself as a global company, therefore considering a multitude of styles from all around the world when coming up with an architectural design concept while still making sure the style would fit with the broad patterns of interior decoration in Dubai. We ensured our team consists of international designers with Lebanese and European backgrounds, providing that our global outlook distinguishes us from other interior decoration companies in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services does KEA Design offer?

    KEA Design Dubai offers a range of services including residential interior design, commercial interior design, space planning, furniture selection, material sourcing, lighting design, project management, and execution.

  • By hiring KEA Design Dubai, you can benefit from our expertise in creating stylish and functional spaces that reflect your personal taste or align with your brand identity. We can help optimize your space, incorporate local cultural elements, and navigate local regulations and building codes.

  • When choosing an interior design company in Dubai, consider factors such as their portfolio of completed projects, experience in the local market, reputation, client testimonials, and their ability to understand and meet your specific requirements. It's important to find a company that has experience working in Dubai and is familiar with the local design trends and regulations.

  • Yes, we have expertise in both residential and commercial projects. We can create stunning interiors for private homes, apartments, villas, offices, retail spaces, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial establishments.

  • Yes, sustainable design is a growing trend in Dubai, and many interior design companies have embraced eco-friendly practices. They can suggest sustainable materials, energy-efficient solutions, and green design principles to help reduce environmental impact and create healthier living and working spaces.

  • The timeline for an interior design project in Dubai can vary depending on the complexity and size of the project. It can range from a few weeks for small-scale projects to several months for larger and more intricate projects. KEA Design Dubai will provide you with a detailed project plan and timeline during the initial consultations.

  • Yes, KEA Design Dubai can work within a wide range of budgets. During the initial consultations, we will discuss your budget and provide guidance on how to achieve your design goals while keeping costs in check. We have access to various suppliers and resources, which can help optimize costs without compromising on quality and aesthetics.

  • To start an interior design project, you can reach out to KEA Design and schedule an initial free consultation. During this meeting, you can discuss your requirements, budget, and timeline. KEA Design will guide you through the design process and provide you with a proposal outlining the scope of work, deliverables, and associated costs.

  • Yes, KEA Design Dubai offers after-sales support. This may include assistance with any post-installation issues, warranty claims, or further design consultations if you wish to make changes or additions to your space.

  • Yes, KEA Design Dubai provides visual representations of the proposed design before starting the project. This can be in the form of VR, 3D renderings, mood boards, or sample materials. These visuals can help you visualize the final outcome and provide feedback or make adjustments as needed.