5 content tips that your company can’t miss

5 content tips content is king

Content is… King! 

Content is important and cannot be missed these days. There are many ways to include and use content marketing. Perhaps you recognize the struggle of creating valuable content that improves your business. 

How do you write good and useful messages without bothering your audience? Read along to see what 5 tips are to implement on your business! 

1. Select the correct channels

Distributing your content is possible via many different social media channels. But which channel is suitable for your content and how do you distribute it? 

Take a good look on what makes every channel great and what kind of post goes with what kind of social media channel. Looking to post B2B updates with valuable content for business partners, than LinkedIn would be a great solution. If you want to post a picture with a light sense of humor, than Instagram would be better. Keep track of the data of your posts and the interaction they have with your followers and optimize them for the future. Determine with your colleagues what kind of medium to use and what kind of content you want to post. 

2. Make videos

The video content industry has been growing during 2019 and will definitely keep on growing during 2020. In 2018 already 85% of the internet users watched video content at least one time a month. Find a way that videos can add value to your business. For example, instead of writing a blog you can tell the content that you wanted to wright about. Around 62% of the people say that they pay attention to the whole video and adapt the message the person is trying to tell. 

3. Think long-term

One swallow doesn´t make a summer. Don’t think that one blog or video will make you a superstar. Think of a calendar and let your colleagues think with you.  

Write about subjects that are related to the time of year and create valuable content every week. Answer the public is a great tool to work with. This tool provides information around trends and around a certain theme. So if you are out if ideas to work with, it´s easy to work with this tool to gain some ideas. 

It helps to make a content calendar for every month and differentiate the channels that you are posting on. Keep track of the posts that gain a lot of interaction (likes, comments, clicks on links and views) and think of a why. Use the data to optimize posts in the future and gain even more interaction the next month. Pay attention to the comments that you get, even if the comments are with a critical note. They will eventually help you in the future. 

Do you need help with creating a calendar? Contact Us

4. Engage

How do you ever find out what your audience wants? Ask them! 

Let your audience be critical at you and ask them in your updates what they think of a certain subject. Can be what they think of the blog that you wrote, the video that you made or the picture that you have posted. It can also be that your audience does not understand you, so let them ask questions and create an environment that they can be honest with you and your brand. 

Another way can be with a Q&A or video where you ask people to comment with any question they have, give tips or just leave a message. Let your audience know if there is an update or when you made good progress for a client, it will trigger people to ask questions or want the same thing. 

5. Awareness

After optimizing your content, creating a calendar and engaging with your audience it´s time to build awareness. Create a bigger audience by optimizing your content and be a brand that your audience can rely on and that they can trust to bring relevant content every week. Take a look at our clients to see what our magic did for other companies! 

Be different and dare to differentiate with channels and type of content to prevent your company from becoming boring. Make sure you have a structure, that you entertain, that you intrigue and have relevant information. Those 4 elements will be the key to your content success! 

Still curious how this will work for your company and how it will work out? Let us help you with setting up a calendar with relevant content for your customers! 

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