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About Us

About us

KEA Design

Founded in 2012, KEA Design is Dubai’s most creative architectural and interior decoration company. We can deliver the most efficient and effective services in interior architecture also called by various labels such as interior architecture design, interior design architecture, or interior architecture design –3D modelling and visualization, 3D rendering, and fit-outs.

There are no limits to the vast projects and designs we take on. KEA Design works across different sectors – from residential to commercial projects – and with a range of styles – from contemporary to traditional.

Though based in Dubai, KEA Design envisions itself as a global company, therefore considering a multitude of styles from all around the world when coming up with an architectural design concept while still making sure the style would fit with the broad patterns of interior decoration in Dubai. We ensured our team consists of international designers with Lebanese and European backgrounds, providing that our global outlook distinguishes us from other interior decoration companies in Dubai.

We develop innovative solutions developed through our cutting-edge technologies to create our products. These technologies aim to use renewable supplies; thus, we develop products and materials with less damaging social and environmental impacts. Our sense of social responsibility has led us to become a truly global company. Our principles have directed us to complete projects in different countries such as the UAE, Nigeria, Lebanon, Norway, and more.


Our team

Tomas Kiel

CEO | Founder

Harley Nikon

Managing | Director

John Pommy

Architect | Designer

Our Mission

Our mission focuses on working with renewable supplies, materials, and products with few social and environmental impacts as possible.