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What Does Home Decor Include?

Talking about home decoration is certainly very interesting because the house is one of the most important parts of life. Where the house itself is the best place to shelter, rest, and gather with family. Therefore, the decoration must be strictly considered for mutual comfort and safety, seeing this, the design should be able to display the personality and character of the homeowner. Because this will affect the mood of the homeowner thus, what does home décor include? Here is a sundry about residential decoration that needs to be peeled off further.

Minimalist Home Decorating kea design ideas:

  • Take Advantage of Multifunctional Furniture
  • Put Indoor Ornamental Plants
  • Stick a Wall Hanging
  • Choose Bright Colors
  • Add Sufficient Lighting
  • Select and Use Neutral Elements
  • Choose and Use Bright Color Walls
  • Take Advantage of Translucent Tables and Chairs
  • Use Mirrors to Make the House Look Airy
  • Take Advantage of Small-Sized Furniture
  • Add Ottoman Chairs as a Supplement
  • Shape of Horizontal Lines in the House

Probably a lot of people know what décor is in general. But if you look at this word more closely, it will become clear that it is multifaceted. Interpretation has several varieties, serves to identify different types of coatings.

Home décor can make a house look more attractive, home décor is your way of making the room in the house more beautiful according to your needs and desires to make it look more attractive. Seeing this, kea design suggest several reasons and benefits of residential decoration. Here are the reasons for having to design a house and its benefits:

Decoration is important because it can be used as periodic maintenance. At least you know what needs to be improved when doing decoration. That way when something leaks, it is immediately known and the problem is immediately resolved before there is a rain leak.

By doing home decoration, the selling value of the dwelling increases. That's because the decoration can make the value of his investment increase thanks to the addition of other attractive designs on the inside outside.

The decoration makes the design of the old house look more attractive, comfortable, and functional. So, at first, maybe some homeowners are lazy to be in the house because they feel uncomfortable, but with these decorations, it makes homeowners feel more at home because the decoration is in accordance with the wishes and needs of each person.

At least by doing home decoration, it creates a positive impression from the guests who come. So, the guests feel more comfortable also when stopping at your house to have a light chat or just visit. With the homey atmosphere caused by making anyone feel at home and able to have a positive impact.

There are many benefits that can be obtained by decorating the house, for example, beautifying the appearance, and can even increase the selling price as well. Want to have a beautiful house whose resale price is certain to continue to rise.

Minimalist houses can be decorated easily

Having a mini house with a small size is no problem! It is precisely that you can do decorating more easily because there is not much space arranged. You can freely create interior and exterior decoration without consuming a large budget. Below are examples of 6 minimalist home décor ideas, including:

1. Take Advantage of Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture will make a narrow room more efficient.

Have you ever seen a bench that can be used as a seat before? You can use it for simple home decorations in the room to make it look more western and charming. This idea is very functional because it can be used as a relaxing seat and also an artistic storage place. However, you should choose the right size so that the room is not more cramped and still comfortable to rest.

2. Place Indoor Ornamental Plants

Houseplants will make the atmosphere of the house more lively: Besides being able to create a fresher impression, using ornamental plants as home decorations is also able to give a sweet impression in the house. You can choose a foyer or a place to relax in laying the plant. Although there are only a few plants, this is enough to make the indoor air fresher. So that the room is even healthier thanks to these plants.

3. Stick a Wall Hanging

Create a fuller home atmosphere by using wall hangings: This wall decoration is very effective when used as a home decoration to beautify and sweeten the room. By presenting it indoors will make the house fresher and more lively. As an element of décor, it is desirable to attach the wall decoration with shelves and hanging plants. In addition, you can also take advantage of wall wallpaper so that the design is more firm and harmonious according to the function of each room.

4. Choose Bright Colors

If previously you may have often used minimalist white and warm gray themes, then try choosing brighter colors for simple home décor. Just focus on the green in the living room, such as on curtains, sofas, walls, carpets, and plant details in the corner of the room. Then the decoration will effectively create a relaxed impression in the house. That way the atmosphere is also fresher.

5. Add Sufficient Lighting

A bright house will be more comfortable to look at: So that the impression of home decoration looks more minimalist, you should add sufficient lighting. You can put this lighting in the bedroom so that the quality of sleep is more perfect and rest becomes more comfortable. The trick is to place a standing lamp and choose a minimalist white bed sheet, complete with a monochrome bed cover. So that the room becomes more spacious. In addition, leave the wall blank so that the impression is more airy and no longer cramped.

6. Choose and Use Neutral Elements

Avoid using colors too conspicuous in the room: To create a minimalist design, you should not choose colors that are too striking. Just choose simpler bright colors, such as white, monochrome, gray, and also pastel colors. Choosing a matching color is one of the main keys in choosing a color so that it looks more beautiful, simple, and also minimalist. That way the impression of the room looks more minimalist.

Decoration does not always have to be luxurious, because simple can also make the house look attractive.

Confused about choosing a simpler dwelling decoration to create a more attractive eye illusion effect? It's a good idea to try the décor ideas below to showcase the stunning simple home design. Here's an example of the decoration idea!

1. Choose and Use Bright Color Walls

Bright color walls can make a space appear spacious in an easy way.

By choosing brightly colored walls will give a sense of comfort to the room. Because these colors will make the room look bigger and wider. Some of the color options that can be chosen to decorate a simple house are light blue, cream, and white. If you are confused about choosing the color, try hanging a wall decoration or brightly colored painting to make the wall look wider.

2. Make Use of Translucent Tables and Chairs

Acrylic material can make the house look simple and attractive.

When you want to do simple home decoration, you should choose one whose material is translucent and must be of high quality. For example, like acrylic. Although it looks fragile because it is translucent, the fact is that this material is actually quite strong when used to withstand the weight on it. By choosing it, it will make the room that originally looked petite become larger in size because of the translucent effect.

3. Use a Mirror to Make the House Look Airy

Mirror reflection will create the effect of the room becoming more spacious.

To create the simplest home décor is to use mirrors. The size varies, because the mirror can make the originally small room look bigger even up to 2 times. How to put the mirror is also easy. You can hang it directly on the wall or on the table so that it is not easily accessible to children. That way it is more beautiful and safe for children.

Choose a mirror with a proportional size so as not to make the house crowded.

4. Take Advantage of Small-Sized Furniture

The house will look simple by using small-sized furniture.

We recommend using furniture that is small in size for simple home decoration. Because when you choose a large size, automatically it will only narrow the room in the house. Therefore, choose a mini furniture size so that it is not full. Make sure the furniture you choose still leaves a room in the middle of the house. That way it becomes more fitting to look at.

5. Add ottoman chairs as a complement

Ottoman chairs are very simple but very comfortable to use.

For simple home decoration, it is best to place the ottoman chairs. The Ottomans chairs themselves generally vary in size, some are small and medium. Its function is for footrests or it can also be used to put magazines and glasses in a room. The surface of this ottoman is usually soft so it can also be used for seating at home. Not only that, the Ottoman chair is also very useful because it can be moved easily thanks to its miniature size and not too much weight. So, it is perfect for those of you who want to do simple home decoration.

6. Shape the Horizontal Line in the House

Firm horizontal lines will make the house look firm and attractive.

This horizontal line can give an illusory effect to the eyes so that the room looks taller and wider. Because the size of the house is small, you should apply a horizontal striped motif on the wall. For the color of the line can be both white and black. That way the appearance of the house becomes more attractive. If necessary, try to choose other colors so that the impression is more unique for the design of the house.

So those are some examples of minimalist and simple home décor ideas, as well as their sundries. By understanding a little explanation above, of course, kea design ideas can be used as the best reference source when you want to make design changes to a house so that it looks more attractive and homey.

Basically, kea design team will show you how with small additions to the decoration you can bring coziness and freshness to each room.

1. Accent lighting

We must stress the importance of this element. The accent lighting is at the top of the list, as we give it the greatest weight. Start here if you want to renew your perception of home.

2. Bring in something from the past

Retro accessories or ones that carry a sentimental character. They're special. They immediately stand out, against the background of everything else. It can be a vase in the antique style, a painting of a favorite artist, an interesting candlestick.

3. Current books for the season placed on the coffee table

This type of tables are an ideal opportunity to update the interior according to the new books that go on the market. Besides being at your fingertips, they will contribute to the positive degree of mood.

Imagine the coming summer and a few books on the theme of traveling on the table...

4. Standout blanket for the living room

Try not to overload the atmosphere with the same textures and fabrics. It is mandatory to choose a blanket that attracts the eye.

5. Something About Your Travels

Surely your home can tell stories from your life. What better way to do this than to deploy souvenirs from your travels?

6. Domestic plants

Bring greenery and color to your home. They transform the environment and clear the air.

7. Accent mirrors

They create an extra focus of attention. In addition, they visually enlarge the spaces. They’ll contribute to most of the light in the home. They also create a sense of style, prosperity and sophistication.

8. Good-looking hand soaps

We're totally serious. There's nothing like going into a bathroom and seeing beautiful soaps. They literally transform even the most uncomfortable bathroom.

9. Sculptures

Each table needs a sculpture to complete the selected décor. Sculptural elements elevate the atmosphere in the premises. They create spatiality and an occasion to tie a conversation.

Variety of décor

For a better understanding of the décor, it is advisable to get acquainted with its varieties. It can be both simple and complex, related to sculpture, architecture, painting. Another décor is divided into active and passive, external and internal.

It is possible to talk about a simple décor when using paint of the same color or using the same textures for surface treatment. The complex is one that includes a combination of many different techniques, for example, a combination of images and ornaments, sculptures and paintings, materials that contrast with each other in texture and texture.

The active form of décor provides that it must meet the logic of the structure of the building, be associated with its shape and purpose. Passive décor is not related to the elements of the shape, but is intended only to decorate the building. Often in architecture they use just such diversity.

Kea design customers Red Flag

Clean and non-toxic air in our home is just as important as healthy food. More and more research reveals the dangers of certain toxic chemicals and synthetic materials used to make home furnishings such as mattresses and bed linen. There are thousands of potentially harmful chemicals used in the manufacture of these items.

There are also so many marketing terms that are used to convince us that we are making healthy, environmentally friendly and conscious choices. Many of these terms are quite ambiguous, so we decided to compile a list of the most commonly used words on labels and advertisements so that we can help you become better at shopping for furniture and especially textiles for the whole home. You see these words written on labels so often, but do you actually know the difference between natural, completely natural, organic and certified organic?

Healthy home textiles: Glossary of terms

"Natural" / "Natural"

Often you can see this word on food labels and home products. We associate this label with materials found or grown in nature. However, there are no specific requirements for the use of that word on a label. Synthetic artificial fabrics and materials cannot be called "natural", but the finished product can actually be labelled as 'natural', even if it contains chemicals and synthetics together with natural materials.

Examples of artificial fabrics and textiles include foam, nylon, polyester, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), spandex, acetate and acrylic.