Faculty of Management

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Project Brief

Grab. Students. Attention.

These were the three key words in a very simple objective from the client. As much as they could bring potential students to their website, they weren’t staying there. Why? The website was old and outdated. Not the best impression the client wants to perceive of their establishment

Custom WordPress Theme Development

Provided with very strict and detailed colouring, lettering, wording and pages – Everything was built from the ground up to get exactly what the client was after

(With a little Kea-Design input to help with some uncertainty)

Responsive Layout

A classic case of something that may have been ok in the past, but has just been expired due to the ever changing world we live in. With websites becoming more intricate, more visually appealing and more responsive – the bar has been set very high, and is ever rising 

Website created for the Faculty of Management in Univeristy of Lodz

Services Provided


Custom Website Design


Responsive Website Design

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