Focus on enjoying the journey more than the destination.

If we aren’t enjoying the journey, how is the destination going to be any better?

The Lamborghini poster on the wall, the abs and biceps to attract the girls and all those zero’s in the account. The goals we search for that will answer all of our problems!

We are extremely guided into goal-setting, being goal-driven and hey, truth be told if that’s what drives you right now and gets you started on a journey towards something you want, go for it.

Absolutely use that drive and motivation you have just to get started.

Goals are great, let’s not stray away from the importance of them, although we need to keeping pushing how important it is to have an understanding that the journey far exceeds the goal. I had a strength goal at the gym, and after 6 months of constant dedication to lifting that weight, I made it. I achieved it and it was a fantastic feeling. For about 5 minutes until I quickly said to myself ‘Ok, what next’. I’m a lucky one, I enjoy the training and going to the gym, so for me, the journey in getting to that strength was in fact greater than my initial goal.

This relates to many of our common goals. You will soon discover that a car is just a car, a bigger house is just a bigger house. A google search of The Wealthy and Depressed brings a myriad of results. Additionally, chances are if you don’t love the process, you’re probably not going to reach that goal anyway.

If that’s not enough convincing, think back to how life has always go to plan so far. Every time you embark on a goal without enjoying the journey, you risk the whole thing being one huge regret once you get there (that’s even if you do get there).

Man, the journey is the fun part. That’s why I spent the majority of my 20’s travelling the world, much to the initial disapproval of a few.

I never dreamt about being a Fireman or Doctor or anything rather. In fact I went to University purely out of the fact that everyone was doing it and it was just the thing to do. I studied marketing because I found it enjoyable, and yet never pictured myself having a marketing career of any sorts. I had no idea what I wanted to do, except for travel and exploring as much possible (and play football). So I did.

Instead of applying for jobs in my last year of Uni, I was planning my travels. I saved for a trip around Europe and signed up to an English teaching program in Spain which changed everything.
6 years later I’ve experienced more than 50 magnificent countries, seen beautiful cultures and people from all over, eaten incredible and very much not incredible, sometimes quite questionable food and have an overloaded mind of memories. Each time I’ve journeyed home, it’s usually the same, nothing really feels like it has changed. Except for friends you know starting to have nicer cars, moving up to more important higher-paid jobs and maybe having a couple of kids in between.

Enjoying the journey more than the destination
Coming up with Kea Design – 3 years in the making

The best part of it all? Using my 20s to travel the world got me focused on falling into a location independent career (you can check out what I do here!) because that’s what I wanted to do and enjoyed every moment of it (Ok, there were a couple of lost passport and credit card moments that were a bit stressful, but overall the result is still a positive one).

But hey, the journey we mentioned earlier isn’t supposed to be referencing a physical one around the world, that’s just what it happened to be for me.

Whether it’s the Lamborghini or the Six pack abs, as long as you’re enjoying that journey, you’re going to minimise any regrets once this whole journey of ours wraps up eventually.

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