How to grow a small business online

How to grow a small business online, where to start?

There are many answers to this question, but we’re going to stick with one theme here – Creating and publishing content. A lot of it. Heaps!

If you’ve endeavoured on a small business venture and followed all the ‘steps to success’ in getting it started, you are probably now wondering how to grow it online.

Your website provider should have you covered in regards to SEO, so we’ll ignore that here for now as it ties in later. We’re looking at small businesses here, assuming limited budgets. That eliminates a lot of Adwords, page boosts, sponsored ads etc and we want to focus on organic reach here.

So first off, well done! You’ve done the hard yards by actually starting and implementing something that you’re passionate about (hopefully) and enjoy doing. This is where most people fail.

Look, it’s so stupidly easy to take advantage of the internet today. We have every chance to make each second count. There is no easier way than to simply put your name out there for the world to see. It requires no investment other than some time and an internet connection. Start producing and putting out content.

By regularly putting out to the world good quality content, you’re investing in yourself, your brand, your company or whatever else it is, in a way that was never before possible.

This is where you can stand head and shoulders above the rest – Be authentic to you and put content out there for the world to judge . If your business was ever going to succeed long-term, it has to address a need and provide genuine value to the consumer.

Simply starting and putting yourself out there for the world to analyse and critique can be one of the most fearful steps you will ever take on this journey.

Don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing. The person or brand you’re trying to put out there needs to be authentic to who you are as a human being. True to your values, your beliefs, your experiences. If not, you’re going to be another fish in the sea and be like everybody else who is looking for quick results. Be sure to tell your story.

telling your story to grow your business

Here’s the easy part

Understand that for all the attention grabbing power the internet holds, there are less than 10 social platforms that completely control the majority of this space. It’s important that you learn these platforms and understand that each one requires a different strategy. This strategy will vary from business to business so you need to work out how your potential clients are consuming content on these platforms.


How to showcase content to the world

How am I going to present my content in a way that appears to users on: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and so on. Let’s say you make a kick-ass video for YouTube that’s super insightful, provides great information and amazing editing.
Well, it may sound obvious but you can’t simply copy and paste your amazing video you made for YouTube across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. This happens far too often. You’re wasting so much potential and opportunity by not taking the time to adjust the content specifically for each platform. Grab your best quote from the video and put that on twitter. Get your
favourite 10 seconds and put that on instagram stories. Take a really insightful/meaningful paragraph and post that on LinkedIn.

You get the idea. Try it out, experiment and see what works for you and for your audience. There’s plenty of great advice out there for how to utilise these platforms, but hey – remember to grow your business online you need to put something of value out there, be consistent, address your audience and be patient.

Before we bore you with more reading, here’s some take-away points and if you enjoy what you’re reading, be sure to subscribe or check back here for the next one

Super key points to take from this:

– You need to be in this for the long-game. If you’re not already, start thinking in years.

Be you. If you truly believe what you’re doing feels right and makes sense to you, you have to keep that mentality when all the haters and no-sayers start coming in and telling you what you’re doing is stupid and will never work. Granted, you can’t be delusional about your endeavour, but resilience can be the make or break moment for many.

Produce authentic content. Lots of it. As much as you possibly can and put it out to the world to see with no fear of what people might say.

Customize your content depending on the platform you’re publishing to.

-This truly is a marathon. Others may get overnight results, but you will win the long-game staying true to who you are and being consistent

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