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Architectural Drawings & Design

Architecture is a discipline that focuses on covering and meeting the needs and demands of people. It uses specific tools to create living spaces. Though architecture is purely technological, it only thrives under creativity. Thus, we aim to combine the technical and the aesthetic.We provide efficient and effective drawings for various architectural structures such as apartments, villas, and commercial spaces. We add our creative flair to breathe life into a two-dimensional work of art.


Interior Architecture & Space Planning

Always coming together with any piece of architecture, the interior design blends art and science to create, restore, or reconfigure the insides of various buildings, be it a home or corporate spaces. But interior design without effective space planning makes internal space lose functionality and, consequently, its attractiveness to occupants. We ensure that functional areas are not over-decorated and are designed efficiently through proper space planning—this is what makes us a top-notch interior architecture & design firm.


Interior Decoration & Materials Selection

When it comes to interior decoration, Dubai offers a wealth of inspiration globally. That is why KEA has put both clients and foreign investors for interior design and construction materials on the winning edge with their projects.Uniquely local city influences our perception of interior decorating a space according to a client’s personal preferences and style while still imbuing a global essence. We find suitable color schemes, flooring materials, furniture, artwork, and accessories to fit homes or commercial spaces.We transform your area into something aesthetically pleasing according to whatever budget you have in mind. With KEA as your interior decoration company, in Dubai – and wherever you are – you will only feel so much richer.


Complete Fit-Outs

We aim to play a critical role in creating a productive residential or work environment.
Thus, we offer complete fit-outs – the extremely exhaustive yet necessary phase of preparing any space.

This includes installing ceilings, floors, furnishings, and partitions and installing all required building services, including wiring, cabling, and communication and internet connectivity arrangements.


Product Design

We aim to create products that solve users' problems and address specific needs in any given market.

The key to a great product design is understanding the end-user. As creators, we need to consider the customer for whom the product is being created. In KEA, we promise to design products with you or your end-users in mind.


Custom Made Furniture

When it comes to custom-made furniture, Dubai has KEA. We customize pieces that artisans build according to the customer's specifications. We let the client decide on the color, the type of material to be used, and the finish and design, among other things. Custom-made furniture also tends to be more durable, so you'll get more years of use while knowing that you are getting what you want.


3D Visualizations (Modeling & Rendering)

We are proud to have a proven track record of bringing ideas to reality, with more than 12 years of experience in modeling 3D materials. We render photorealistic 3D images and animations of your proposed design, projects, building, or development plans, as long as the client provides plans, illustrations, and or reference materials. The primary benefit of 3D visuals is it is realistically presented in photos and images from a 3D perspective. 3D modeling helps client presentations a success, ultimately making winners of our clients.